Conveyor lines

We assure you the ideal solution for transport of all kind of products : solid, granular, powder or in bags packed.Our conveyor belts could be flat, inclined, curved or special following your desires and exigencies .Actually, our wide range of products has the aim to satisfy all sectors in an optimal way.
During the years, Promer has developed a global know-how concerning transport of granular and powdered  products.This is the reason why we can support all your choices : flexible or rigid screw conveyors, vibrating hoppers , and all devices that allow the strategic transfer of your products. 

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Promer Overseas

Via Ricasoli, 120 - 47522
Pievesestina di Cesena (FC) Italy
+39 0547 313332

About us

Our aim is to group the purchases of our customers, thus they can benefit of our preferential prices as distributors.

Our presence on market allow us to be competitive also in case you turn directly to the producer because, in most cases, we profit of discount that we transmit you.

Grouping purchasing allow us to lighter the logistic system, to economize on trasport costs and simplify the delivery procedures.

Our ambition is to provide rapidly the material that you require the most.